Goodgoodbonbon zine "A bitesized mouthful of creative inspirations", active and ongoing since 2009, is my quarterly zine of all things art&life, mailed out to subscribers all over North America. 
Every 1-2 years I compile my favourite GGBB writings into the big 
" Experience of Art Storytelling" zine.

GoodGoodBonBon #31 is out!
Fall 2018
Dedicated to Keith Haring, all my new drawings, no explanations.  Featuring: Pete & Ariana! Justin & Hailey! Rev. Michael Curry! And MORE!

GoodGoodBonBon #30
summer 2018
Coco, Hot-dog, Oak leaf, Yoko Ono. Bonus: Love yourself?!
GoodGoodBonBon #29
spring 2018
Eye, rabbit, aardvark, yoko ono, french horn, mushroom. Bonus: The souls of millions of light years away.

Stories from GGBB with new blockprints. Experience/adventure of seeing "Au Pays des Merveilles" exhibit of female surrealist from Mexico and the United States; Thoughts about Marina Abramović's "The Artist is Present" performance; Story of participating in the world debut of the Marina Abramović MAI prototype installation; Thoughts about Asger Jorn's disquieting duck; Asking not-the-ghost-of-Magritte for creative advice; Story of going to see the Basquiat exhibit; Farewell thoughts about Alexander McQueen's final collection. Paula Plater-Galloway 
ISSN 2369-5129

This issue of the series gathers stories from GGBB issues 20-26, with many drawings.  Unprecedented festival of analogies brought on by following a fantastic poem as it unraveled my accumulated "issues" with André Breton as a central figure in the Surrealist movement; Finding new (to me) paintings by Dorothea Tanning sends me off like a fish in an ink-stream of sub/consciousness poetry & drawing tangent highlighting her own thoughts about Surrealism; Hearing the voice of Marcel Duchamp while sorting many scraps of thoughts about collage; Finding the culture in mobile making, and a something-out-of-nothing by Man Ray hangs in my mind; A dream of French rapper MC Solaar opens a portal into my adolescence, which opens a portal into rags, which opens a portal into an installation piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto, all of which are poetry.

GoodGoodBonBon #28
winter 2017-18
Culling fantastic treasures from my Image Bank (& saving GGBB in the process).  Joseph Cornell's "sketchboxes" via Yayoi Kusama part 2/3.  Word association of people for (self) portraits x 8, including Why Marisa Tomei? Bonus: FIGHT INERT UNIFORMITY mini-fest-oh!

GoodGoodBonBon #27
fall 2017
The vision of Yayoi Kusama comes sweeping through my zine in force (part 1/4).  Dots (and/or stitches) against anxiety!  Story of my visit to see Georgia O'Keeffe's (NOT/VAGINAS!!) paintings at the AGO.  Clowns interview each other. Also: care bears.

GoodGoodBonBon #26
summer 2017
Privé. N/A

GoodGoodBonBon #25
spring 2017
The revelation of crochet, ROWSaries for secular praying, and freeform freak fest.  Inspirations from my visit to see the "Mystical Landscapes" exhibit.  OMNI magazine collage centrefold strangeness.  How I made my face a deer's.  Jumbo the Elephant dérive #2/3

GoodGoodBonBon #24
winter 2016-17
Diving deeply into explorations of Dorothea Tanning's work via trawling the subconscious- poetry, drawing.  Dali's 3 flying cats. Jumbo the Elephant dérive #1/3.  Bonus: Fish have some modicum of wherewithal! (to say the least)

 GoodGoodBonBon #23
fall 2016
Celebrating 17 years of making&giving&making&giving (stapled photocopies of art&life). The invented epic cultural history of making mobiles.  Man Ray suspends disbelief that his obstruction means nothing.  Ambition is Over! Bonus: Hyperventilating near rainbows.  
GoodGoodBonBon #22
summer 2016
Very valuable things with no value: being a city teenager & thriftstorianism.  I dream of MC Solaar so that poetry awakens.  Rag picking through a Michelangelo Pistoletto sculpture.  Into Louise Bourgeois' piles & apartment.  Also: Lake Erie Stories.

GoodGoodBonBon #21
spring 2016
Performing a giant moon mask.  Sorting collage mediumistically: the ouija board of art making!  Marcel Duchamp on tape, helps.  Re-storying unaltered fairy tale illustrations from the mid-to-late 1800s (and/or cutting them up respectfully).  Intro to Lake Erie.

GoodGoodBonBon #20
winter 2015-16
How wanting to resolve my "issues" with André Breton grew into an Epic Festival of Analogies.

GoodGoodBonBon #19
fall 2015
Asger Jorn's disquieting duck détournement to the rescue! (+ fan poster centrefold!) Inpiring QUINO inspires game.  Bizarre thrift store Before vs. After mashups.  Story of my 15 year in the making Surrealist Epic.

GoodGoodBonBon #18
summer 2015
Asking creative advice from (not-the-ghost-of) René Magritte.  Study of 1,000 poses frees spirits.  Dérive showdown: Paris, France vs. Paris, Ontario.

GoodGoodBonBon #17
spring 2015
Story of going to see the largest Canadian exhibit of the work of Basquiat, one of the best of my life.  Public library dérive.  Honouring worry dolls + scrap valuing.

 GoodGoodBonBon #16
winter 2014-15
33 treasures (Issue #13) update.  Bitesize about: chickens, pilgrimages, elephants, the British Library.  Bonus: Who I REALLY am!

 GoodGoodBonBon #15
fall 2014
5 individual(s) tangents of streetwear worldwide.  3 minutes from 512 hours. Dream Makers wheatpaste/dance crew tale. Ubiquitously directional tea ceremony recipe.

GoodGoodBonBon #14
summer 2014
Urban Design & Architectural Scavenger Hunt Field trips: and how! Early 2000s telemarketing + service wench stories & wall of lies explained.  FoodHole zine: late night stories.

 GoodGoodBonBon #13
spring 2014

 GoodGoodBonBon #12
winter 2013-14
Into audio documentaries to find place(s).  Research: Why do I hate London, Ontario?! Calm & Storm poems, paintings, handwriting.  Aspects of space.

 GoodGoodBonBon #11
fall 2013
Story of drinking crystal water during my participation in the world premiere prototype installation of the Marina Abramović Institute (Method).  The voice of She Fire Keeper & drawing audio.

GoodGoodBonBon #10
summer 2013
Student garbage & surreal estates. Bonus: Rockhead's Paradise.

GoodGoodBonBon #9
spring 2013
Massive recap of a year doing my own audio doc radio show on CKUT 90.3FM Montreal.  Bonus: Kitty windows.  Blizzard tale.

 GoodGoodBonBon #8
winter 2012
Epic all day solo experience/adventure of seeing "Au Pays des Merveilles" exhibit of female surrealist from Mexico and the United States