GoodGoodBonBon.zine "A bitesized mouthful of creative tangents" comes out 4 times a year/one per season.  It features my current creative inspirations and tangents. Different every time, try one you might like it! 
Currently GGBB is mailed out to great-folk subscribers all around North America, including Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Denman Island, Queens, NY, Nova Scotia etc.etc.

GoodGoodBonBon #28 is out!
winter 2018
Marisa Tomei beats out other cover contenders despite spiritual implications! Deep dive into my Image Bank scatters beautiful surrealist treasures about like whistling tunes.  Joseph Cornell's lovingly hoarded sketchboxes vs. Yayoi Kusama phone calls. Finally: Call to fight inert uniformity- who's with me?!

I've been waiting a long time to do this!  This big zine is a compilation of the best Experience of Art stories taken from my quarterly GoodGood BonBon zine.  The cover is a brand new blockprint of mine and inside are featured an array of more of my favourites.  Stories about going to an exhibit of surrealist women; seeing the largest Canadian retrospective of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat; the story of participating in the world debut of the Marina Abramović Institute prototype/installation; thoughts about "The Artist is Present" at the MOMA; farewell story to Alexander McQueen; story of getting advice from (not the ghost) of René Magritte; finding myself in the words and images of Situationist avant-guard artist Asger Jorn.

This issue of the series gathers stories from GGBB issues 20-26, with many drawings.  Unprecedented festival of analogies brought on by following a fantastic poem as it unraveled my accumulated "issues" with André Breton as a central figure in the Surrealist movement; Finding new (to me) paintings by Dorothea Tanning sends me off like a fish in an ink-stream of sub/consciousness poetry & drawing tangent highlighting her own thoughts about Surrealism; Hearing the voice of Marcel Duchamp while sorting many scraps of thoughts about collage; Finding the culture in mobile making, and a something-out-of-nothing by Man Ray hangs in my mind; A dream of French rapper MC Solaar opens a portal into my adolescence, which opens a portal into rags, which opens a portal into an installation piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto, all of which are poetry.

GoodGoodBonBon #27
fall 2017
First of four discoveries of Yayoi Kusama before seeing her exhibit in Toronto next spring brings forth "Stitches against Anxiety" Mini-fest-oh! Two clowns walk into a conversation...about clowning- fascinating!  Story about seeing Georgia O'Keeffe's (NOT/VAGINAS!!) flower paintings. Bonus: Hearts & Rainbows

GoodGoodBonBon #26
summer 2017
Special Edition! Limited Edition! Available to GGBB subscribers only #goneintimate.  But feel free to print out my poster above.  Feel free to read Audre Lorde.  Also, IT IS TRUE HOW YOU FEEL.

GoodGoodBonBon #25
spring 2017
All tops of heads crochet alike! Hooked yarn ROWSaries vs. freeform and the creative ravenousness of addictive energies. Deer head mask performance and drawn body paint speaks to landscapes and spirit.  Centrefold of 1980's OMNI magazine freakshow collage, "Yes! Tell me how!". Epic Jumbo dérive 2/3 finds us bushwhacking highway ditches and becoming small beneath 90 ft high elephant leg sculpture.

GoodGoodBonBon #24
winter 2016/2017
Dorothea Tanning's blue trout is trawling my psyche!...  surrealist automatismic ink-stream of sub/consciousness drawings and poems; contemplating not-uncomplex tables under which bare legs wade in lake water; creative boundless refreshment vs. stiffly folded/unfolded table cloths.  New book proves fish modicum of wherewithal, at the least!  Dérive 1/3 begins at the "Railway Capital" memorial statue of Jumbo the elephant. Bonus: Tribute to Dalí's 3 flying cats.
GoodGoodBonBon #23
fall 2016
The reproductive capabilities of zine makers: celebrated!  Man Ray's coat hanger readymade suspends disbelief in it meaning more than nothing.  Mobile practice for the culture of one's soul.  Dance-fighting waves: illustrated.. and feared!  The sacredness of hyperventilating near semi-permanent waterfall rainbows. Bonus: manifesto arguing for the end of ambition captivity.  
GoodGoodBonBon #22
summer 2016
The subtle (delicately complex and understated) art of the thrifstorian shelter mounds of teenagehood.. plus MC Solaar's French rap make dreams a reality!  Making drawings into sculpture when Cat's Cradle is nigh.  Bonus: the estate of Louis Bourgeois' cutlery & half-empty bottles of nail varnish.  Second instalment of "Lake Erie Stories" - behold Lake Firerie, also: the religious calls of Niagara falls.
GoodGoodBonBon #21
spring 2016
Public poetry performance with a massive moon mask subdues pangs of spirit hunger.  Sorting the types of collage via Marcel Duchamp's Mediumysticism & fairy tale collage centrefold goes Ouijja. 4 new stories that Walter Crane & Hermann Vogel never intended! Bonus: First instalment of "Lake Erie Stories" sees the Great Lake eat La Belle Ville.

GoodGoodBonBon #20
winter 2015/16
Festival of epic analogies! Mad(love)-lib poems with never seen before imagined imagery to ponder at length.  PLUS: answer to "what is the essence of poetry?" by the Great Voice of the Oracle via you & your pals.  20th Issue Surrealism-Collectors edition is like a buffet of vintage postcards in a game show of timeless delight! (#forrealzies!)

GoodGoodBonBon #19 fall 2015
Thrift store frankensteins of freak kitsch and kaboodle, with inspiration from "Say it with Flowers": avant-guard artist Asger Jorn (with fan poster centrefold!);  Quino breaks tension= ukulele;  Story of my EPIC 15 year animation project, and lifelong love of miniature houses. BONUS! Incomprehensible beach glass!

GoodGoodBonBon #18 summer 2015
Exploring the statement "Ne Travaillez Jamais!" by way of a situationist dérive SHOWDOWN between Paris, France and Paris, Ontario.  Research topic surprises itself by imploding -turns into- seeking advice from (not) the ghost of René Magritte.  3" thick book of a model posing liberates free spirit punk princess poets- and how!  Coining of new internet abbreviation relating to the internet. Bonus:  Kitty Window Lives (on a tab, in the blog, on the internet, on a computer, in your house!)

GoodGoodBonBon #17spring 2015
Punched in the He(art): Write-up about my visit to the biggest Basquiat exhibit yet in Canada- Toronto 2015.  Non-worry about odds&ends: scrap-cradle project for untethered Guatemalan worry dolls plus assemblages plus I(you are) AM CULTURE.  UnStillLife drawing without Nudity.  Bonus: 16th Century giraffe!

 GoodGoodBonBon #16  winter 2014/15
Finally: exercise for who you "truly are"!  Ancient religion meets elephant meets small town Ontario with zombies to boot.  A million public domain images = one yours-to-copy envelope.  Word-play-on-words "mud cup" poetry. 33 Treasures: where are they now?!? Update. Bonus: Intimate Diary of a Chicken Owner.

GoodGoodBonBon #15 fall 2014
Journey with 4 individual(s) tangents of fully-clothedness: from JoBurg to Tel Aviv, Reykjavík to Amsterdam. And how! Intimate journal of raising chickens begins!  Paul Nougé outlines a "new way of juggling". Double Lighthouse feature: tale and podcast. BONUS surrealistic game as tea ceremony. 

GoodGoodBonBon #14  summer 2014
Try an..Urban Design & Architectural Scavenger Hunt Field Trip! Swans walk a short distance: celebrated! Stories of my work life telemarketing, waitressing, record selling in the year 2000, and late night Food Hole stories. Bonus: "Wall of Lies" waitressing technique revealed!!

GoodGoodBonBon #13 spring 2014
Special Edition! Twice as big as usual, this issue features the epic story of a 5.5 hour birthday (of mine) adventure in a blizzard, in a van, with a crew, in London, Ontario.  The premise: "Pick up 33 Items". Hilarity ensues, surprise, and ridiculousness.  Story enhanced with tiny ink paintings.

 GoodGoodBonBon #12 winter 2013/14
Illustrated poems and calm/stormy poems. Traveling the distance between Windsor (ON) and Québec City (QC) for the love of podcasting. Making collages then painting collages. Psychogeographical preferences revealed. Plus Pastime Clubs from the 1930's. Special feature: my handwriting.

 GoodGoodBonBon #11 Fall/2013
Big write up about drinking Marina Abramovic's crystal water at her installation/prototype in Toronto this June.  Making layered surreal poems soulful. Updates about Full Cycle zine and workshops.

GoodGoodBonBon #10- Spring/2013
'Where everything is full of life'. Surreal property prospects drawing game.  Tale about house spirits and fern tea. Yiddish folktale: erasing vs. writing. "McGill Ghetto" garbage centerfold!  Recap of 14th&15th episode of "Listening at Street Level" radio show, plus intro: She Fire Keeper Radio/Podcast.

 GoodGoodBonBon #9
'Quit on the spot at the end'. Personal recap of 13 episodes of my "Listening at Street Level" Montreal storytelling show monthly on CKUT radio. "Inspiration" audio-doc making workshop. Modern alleycat folktales. Idle No More.

GoodGoodBonBon #8
Whole issue about the big adventure of going to Québec City to see the exhibit of Surrealist Women from Mexico and the United-States...Frida Kahlo, Dorthea Tanning, Leonora Carrington...with a special highlight of Remedios Varo. Ridiculously inspiring.

GoodGoodBonBon #7
Klezmer radio aie daie daie, seances for Houdini, re: poet interview, sit & break quietly with(out) Marina Abramovic making you cry, also Tehching Hsieh statements. Spirits do return.

GoodGoodBonBon #6
Alexander McQueen hoof lobster claw heel boots! Interview with master stilt-performer, self-decoration vs. museum window smashing, poetry, radical clowns like make-up too.

GoodGoodBonBon #5
Montréal: vous êtes ici! Site-specific and street level. Dérive poster centerfold collectable. Exclusive interview with Lao Tzu through bibliomancy! Adieu unusual stepped cupola, poetry and more.

GoodGoodBonBon #4 
 Poetry, standing like a tree & strange dance, on/off the Rampage, G20 Inquiry compilation mix tape, inertia rises 78%, strange bird helps children resist capitalism.