Surrealist Games Zines

FUN IS (FREE association) 1
surrealist writing-drawing-playing games

*by far the most popular zine in my distro for the past 7 years*
This issue has 14 surrealist writing/speaking games. They range from well-known ones such as "The Exquisite Corpse" and "Tristan Tzara's 'How to make a Dadaist poem" to ones invented with absurd friends. The zine ends with five pages of surrealist S.A.T. Analogies for your enjoyment and homework...such as "The effort to play harmonica is to ringing the 'next stop' bell on a bus as National Geographic is to ______________", as well as 3 Madlibs using the ready-to-be-altered corpses of texts such as a "Kafka death fantasy" or the Bread & Puppet theatre manifesto. This is also the first zine that I carved stamps for, including the cover that you see above as well as the entire alphabet.All this play is to evoke liberating the marvelous, emerging subconscious and uncensored creative impulses.

FUN IS (FREE association) 2
surrealist/ic writing-drawing-playing games

Carried throughout 'Shopping Cart Wheel Bone Marrow"
are engravings and woodcuts for the reader to copy for themselves at will; a spirit brought to you by the surrealist collages from Max Ernst's 'Une Semaine De Bonté". This zine has a little group of parlour games, diorama games, and a "Francis Bacon helps you write a pretty poem" game, not to mention many more.

FUN IS (FREE association) 3
surrealist/ic writing-drawing-playing games

This issue is particularly connected to drawing games ranging from animation styles to abstract and surreal. Mixed in with the drawing games is a grouping of "non-conceptual awareness practices" as well as games inspired by the always fun "Nog a Dod"book of Canadian Psychodoolia from Cunundrum Press. 13 games in all.

FUN IS (FREE association)4
 surrealist/ic writing-drawing-playing games

Invented games about Paulina Oliveros, William S Burroughs, Lewis Carroll, and Amy Lockheart. Ubiquitously Directions Tea Ceremonies plus first time chaotic games for the interweb...and more more...14 games in all! "Ice Cube Tray" is dedicated to Alexander McQueen (RIP) and features images of his mind-blowing fashion.

FUN IS (FREE association)5
surrealist/ic writing-drawing-playing games
Fun is Free Press "flag ship" zine series continues its absurd legacy. After much ado about collecting more games, #5 is off to the presses! As per usual there are 14 surrealistic writing, drawing and playing games in the zine including 2 new types of dérives (for the drifting fans out there); Scavenger Bingo; Konnichiwa Neko! cute-thing game; Drawing Un-School; Build-a-face game; Dot-less & Line-less maps; Night Stories; and much more. Collect them all!

FUN IS (FREE association)6
surrealist/ic writing-drawing-playing games

Another 14 games have gathered together for this next fantastic installment. The inspiration for the zine graphics were set on fire by 2 things: tiny matchstick dolls from a 10cent headband unearthed from a thrift store, and stones from the beach at Lake Erie.  Happy (& giggling) to say that this zine features 2 of the all-time most hilarious games I've EVER played, along with games about mapmaking; shadowboxes; thrift stores; ceilings; symmetry.. plus my most EPIC surrealist madlib; "I Despise" mini-fest-oh!; audiomancy; Artist Chess & more!

improv-comedy games zines

If you've ever tried improv you could testify for how surreal and strange it is. If you haven't, then this zine is a good little intro. Compiled after having taken a weekly improv class for many months in Vancouver, I brought together all my favorite warm-up and skills games as well as writing up certain intrinsic rules for improv and class recipe ideas. The games included are classic improv, invented games, and games found from outside sources (ie. clowning).