GoodGoodBonBon #27 is out!
fall 2017
First of four discoveries of Yayoi Kusama before seeing her exhibit in Toronto next spring brings forth "Stitches against Anxiety" Mini-fest-oh! Two clowns walk into a conversation...about clowning- fascinating!  Story about seeing Georgia O'Keeffe's (NOT/VAGINAS!!) flower paintings. Bonus: Hearts & Rainbows

This issue of the series gathers stories from GGBB issues 20-26, with many drawings.  Unprecedented festival of analogies brought on by following a fantastic poem as it unraveled my accumulated "issues" with André Breton as a central figure in the Surrealist movement; Finding new (to me) paintings by Dorothea Tanning sends me off like a fish in an ink-stream of sub/consciousness poetry & drawing tangent highlighting her own thoughts about Surrealism; Hearing the voice of Marcel Duchamp while sorting many scraps of thoughts about collage; Finding the culture in mobile making, and a something-out-of-nothing by Man Ray hangs in my mind; A dream of French rapper MC Solaar opens a portal into my adolescence, which opens a portal into rags, which opens a portal into an installation piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto, all of which are poetry.