GoodGoodBonBon #28 is out!
winter 2018
Marisa Tomei beats out other cover contenders despite spiritual implications! Deep dive into my Image Bank scatters beautiful surrealist treasures about like whistling tunes.  Joseph Cornell's lovingly hoarded sketchboxes vs. Yayoi Kusama phone calls. Finally: Call to fight inert uniformity- who's with me?!

This issue of the series gathers stories from GGBB issues 20-26, with many drawings.  Unprecedented festival of analogies brought on by following a fantastic poem as it unraveled my accumulated "issues" with André Breton as a central figure in the Surrealist movement; Finding new (to me) paintings by Dorothea Tanning sends me off like a fish in an ink-stream of sub/consciousness poetry & drawing tangent highlighting her own thoughts about Surrealism; Hearing the voice of Marcel Duchamp while sorting many scraps of thoughts about collage; Finding the culture in mobile making, and a something-out-of-nothing by Man Ray hangs in my mind; A dream of French rapper MC Solaar opens a portal into my adolescence, which opens a portal into rags, which opens a portal into an installation piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto, all of which are poetry.