GoodGoodBonBon #26 is out!
summer 2017
Special Edition! Limited Edition! Available to GGBB subscribers only #goneintimate.  But feel free to print out my poster above.  Feel free to read Audre Lorde.  Also, IT IS TRUE HOW YOU FEEL.

I've been waiting a long time to do this!  This big zine is a compilation of the best Experience of Art stories taken from my quarterly GoodGood BonBon zine.  The cover is a brand new blockprint of mine and inside are featured an array of more of my favourites.  Stories about going to an exhibit of surrealist women; seeing the largest Canadian retrospective of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat; the story of participating in the world debut of the Marina Abramović Institute prototype/installation; thoughts about "The Artist is Present" at the MOMA; farewell story to Alexander McQueen; story of getting advice from (not the ghost) of René Magritte; finding myself in the words and images of Situationist avant-guard artist Asger Jorn.