Zines are photocopied and stapled mini magazines. Handmade with love.

STREETEATERS zine 2000-2006
I started making poetry zines (chapbooks) in 1998, and in 2000 launched a zine called "Streeteaters" which ran monthly-ish for 6 years. Each month-ish it would feature the works of various poets and artists active in the Montréal community at the time, laid out it raw cut&paste style and photocopiable deliciousness. Street level run-in finds and works from people we met at the open mic "Wednesday's Child", and later open mics at Grumpy's.  A music and poetry event was usually held to raise funds to photocopy the zine (venues include Casa Del Popolo, Griffintown Café, Jailhouse Rock Café, Café Sarajevo, Blizzarts and Café Esperanza..  It was available at over 6 locations around the city, had over 20 mail-out subscribers, and was distroed at many zine fairs around the city and beyond.
At the launch year of the zine I was named in the "Noisemaker 2000" edition of the Montreal Mirror weekly.

In 2003, Streeteaters got voted NUMBER ONE best zine in Montreal by the readers of the Montreal Mirror.

There were numerous articles written about the zine, including ones in the Montreal Gazette, the Montreal Mirror and Broken Pencil magazine.

2003-2005 at Zeke's Gallery, 3955 St-Laurent, Montreal
The Streeteaters Artist Market at Zeke's was run to promote hand-crafted works and do-it-yourself publishing in a friendly, interactive and inclusive environment which served to encourage other to contribute, support, and learn new things.  Jewelery, zines, chapbooks, clothing, prints, cds, tapes.. "buy all your fresh self-produced"

zine delivery service

Having regularly made our own zines for the past several years, Sarah Mangle (Squirrel Grrl) and I (Streeteaters) joined creative and organizational forces in February 2006, combining our mutual love for our neighborhood, Montréal's "St-Henri", to split the task of collecting addresses, gathering zines, organizing the fundraiser, and making the monthly phone calls to get details for the newsletter.
The St-Henri Walking Distance Distro collects zines from people in St-Henri and then delivers them for free to people in St-Henri. The first neighborhood zine delivery in February 2006 served 25 households 5 locally made zines and a newsletter (by August the number of households on our route had risen to 43!). There are fundraisers held every month to strengthen neighborhood connections and to raise money to pay back the zine makers at their cost (ranging from $0-$90 so far). There is also a in-package newsletter, and households are called every month to see if they want to put anything in the newsletter (a show, a sublet, a 'giving away').
There is no way it could work without the support of other people. People can help by doing the walking delivery itself, by making the flyer for the fundraiser, by performing at the fundraiser, by sending zines our way. It is a lot of work, but it has a lot of rewards. Since its birth as a monthly service in January, the households have doubled and I got to meet countless new neighbors who added to how interesting the project became. 

Paula & Sarah successfully initiated and ran the distro, collecting and distributing dozens of zines to and from the neighborhood, from February until August 2006.
mention in Broken Pencil Magazine #31: http://www.brokenpencil.com/features/feature.php?featureid=89

We are happy to tell you that The Distro has been adopted and is now run by a collective who started up the monthly deliveries again this February 2007! Horray!

Also, our friend Amber started a zine delivery distro inspired by ours in Regina, SK.

This event was held at TocToc café between 2005 and 2006.  Skills share, debates, discussion and working on art together.

While on cross-Canada tour in 2009 I kept looping back to London, Ontario to host this event. 

rk! papr scisrs CRAFT SOCIAL
This monthly event was held in 2010.


Fun is Free Press zine distro has regularly visited the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, and EXPOZINE in Montreal, as well as Ravenswing DIY fair in Ottawa, CANZINE in Toronto, and the Calgary and Victoria, BC Anarchist Bookfairs.
The distro rode on cross Canada tours in 2004, 2006, and all over North America between 2006 and 2011.  Between 2005 and 2013, Paula created&facilitated the following workshops at various locations: 
Actualizing Radical Projects
Zine Making
Surrealist game playing
Group Dérives
Intro to Parkour
Political Blockprinting
Entire FULL menstrual CYCLE
Creating Inspired Audio Documentaries

Paula's Audio archive

This stamp carving is the poster I created for the benefit cabaret show for the 8th annual Anarchist Bookfair in Montréal. It is the largest stamp carving work I have made to date. Recently this poster was included in the new book from Cumulus Press about political posters from Quebec, "Picture This"! visit: http://www.cumuluspress.com/picturethis