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CREATIVE FLOW zine (8 contributors)
Shame can be as subtle and unseen as tucking your menstrual pad into your sleeve as you walk out of class to the bathroom. Laugh out your shame with this zine. Hilarious&bold stamp carvings by Paula, both political and anecdotal stories, rants, reflections, deliciously common 'gory' details turned beautiful again.. Read 8 absolutely different perspectives about menstruation in a hand-made, hand-carved art work laden zine! Includes info on 'the keeper' menstrual cup and instructions for home-sewn menstrual pads.

BLOCK TRAFFIC zine&workshop I spent 6 months in the Vancouver public library researching 10 political blockprint artists of past and present. I then turned that project into a workshop called "Block traffic: blockprints and political image making" and held it at various places including the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. This zine gave a little overview of six of those artists including big images of their work. José Guadalupe Posada, Käthe Kollwitz, Elizabeth Catlett, Eric Drooker, Carlos Cortez and Leopoldo Mendez. Incredibly, unbelievable, brilliant, powerful work and amazing lives.

This stamp carving is the poster I created for the benefit cabaret show for the 8th annual Anarchist Bookfair in Montréal. It is the largest stamp carving work I have made to date. Recently this poster was included in the new book from Cumulus Press about political posters from Quebec, "Picture This"! visit: