Full Cycle Zine

One of my favorite logs to keep regarding my distro is: where zines go.  In over 15 years of making over 115 zines, the Full Cycle zine has travelled the farthest and has distroed out there the quickest.  Here's a map I will be keeping from now on, which plots out where we've sent the zine (orders, personal mail-outs, bulk drop-offs) so far:

FULL CYCLE zine is rolling out!!
This zine is really quickly becoming my top distro zine of all time. 
Really thrilled-- made with so much love&researched well.  

The zine includes the above image:  full colour/or B&W cycle poster with details of hormones, endometrial lining, eggs, cycle phase plus 'artistic license' analogies showing how the cycle parallels the cycles of the seasons, the day and the moon.

 The 8x11'' size zine includes: 
1st page: "The best story never told"- clear write up of every physiological aspect that occurs, when/how/why.  Plus circle drawing connecting the changes to the concept of yin/yang and the times of year.

2nd&3rd page:  5 images related to the energetic shifts in the cycle phases and thoughts about how to coordinate well with those shifts.  These are personal reflections and meditations and research of the changes after experiencing the cycle for myself really attentively for a year. The thoughts include but go way beyond "rest when you bleed".

4th page: Write up about how to use a thermometer to track the cycle, instruction on how to sew your own menstrual pads and take care of them.

Inside there are also 2 pages of inserts:
One is a full colour/or B&W poster (see image above)
One is a page where you can write in the day and personal observations of your experience of the cycle along side a space where you can record what moon is in the sky that day.

3$ zine. or available at Burritoville for 2$, 2055 Bishop st., Montréal, Québec and the Concordia Co-Op Bookstore, Montréal.... I've been also selling a lot in 10xbulk so I made a FULL CYCLE package deal on the paypal sidebar.