Full Cycle Zine

In over 15 years of making over 115 zines, the Full Cycle zine has traveled the farthest and has distroed out there the quickest. 
To celebrate this, I've decided to create a poster which encapsulates everything in the zine.  Free & with images I drew that can hopefully speak in many languages. All yours to copy as you wish!
εμμηνορροϊκού κύκλου     chu kỳ kinh nguyệt 
 mzunguko wa hedhi
ماہواری     Menstruationszyklus     kitaran haid      
menstrual cycle     le cycle menstruel
생리주기     adet döngüsü     cykl miesiączkowy
دورة الشهرية     менструальный цикл     月经周期
मासिक धर्म     ciclo menstrual

Thank you to all who have encouraged this project along the way!  Full Cycle Zine WORLD Travel map